My Thoughts and Feeling

To those of you who share my beliefs and sentiments, you understand how crucial an issue this is. Leftist forces and the mainstream media are trying to silence views that differ from their own and this presents a truly problematic issue. I see this as something worth fighting back against and will not stop until ideas and issues can be brought up in a civil manner that does not result in name calling and suppression. While this seems like an obvious protection given what the United States Constitution defends and states, it has still manifested itself as something that opposing outlets and personas see as not allowing to be expressed.

Conservative ideas may not resonate with every person but that does not mean that they can just be ridiculed and harassed for other views. They deserve to be acknowledged and are worth pondering over to discuss how they are important for society and can be mixed in with other ideas so that there is an open discourse. This type of discussion is one that I hold dear to my heart because it allows for all sides of the spectrum to converge.